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From a very early age Cari Aliveto Rosen was exposed to all sorts of artistic implements.  Her mother was an art teacher, the first person to teach her the value and beauty that comes from looking at things from an artistic perspective.
Whenever the urge to do something creative or artistic struck Cari always had the tools at her fingertips.  There were boxes of crayons and markers, jars of colored pencils, patterned scissors, various types of papers, any thing a kid could ask for to create with you could find in her house!  It was from a very early age that the need to create stuck with her.  
Flash forward to 2004.  An elementary school teacher by trade, Cari began staying at home with her newborn twin daughters.  After being buried in diapers, bottles, blankets, and babies Cari began looking for a creative outlet.  Thus Plum was born.  From her kitchen table Cari began teaching herself about stones, metals and various methods of jewelry making.  She was hooked.  Her childhood memories of creating came flooding back to her and flowed right into a thriving jewelry business!
Now a metalsmith working in her studio overlooking her beloved town of Shepherdstown, Cari enjoys hammering, soldering and shaping various metals into tiny works of wearable art. 
Please note that all of Cari's jewelry is HANDMADE.  Each piece is crafted one at a time using old world metalsmithing techniques.  No two pieces will ever be alike and there are typically small imperfections that only add to the character of the jewelry. PLEASE KNOW THIS PRIOR TO ORDERING.    
When ordering custom and/or personalized jewelry PLEASE be sure that you have put in all of your information exactly as you wish it to appear on your order, and that your sizing information (where necessary) is correct.  Cari creates your jewelry EXACTLY as you request in your order, because of this extremely personalized nature Plum can not offer returns, exchanges or refunds on custom and/or personalized jewelry.
THANK YOU for ordering from Plum!
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